The World's First Cast Iron Sausage Pan

The UPANs® patented design sears the curved sausage surface and provides a whole heat for even cooking.

Single Piece Casting

Designed for a lifetime of use,
the UPAN® can be used on all heat sources and for all cooking styles.

Unique Channel Design

The UPANs® curved channel design works in two stages. Searing the sausage so the sausage curve develops, then straightening the sausage when turned.
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Chemical free non-stick surface.
The UPAN® is seasoned with flaxseed oil and heated to 800 °C.

Smart Simple Design

The UPANs® patented design has been acheived by using the latest in foundry technology. Resulting is a simple compact design built to engineering standards.


More details about the UPANs® patented design.