Bakers Pad - Wells Lamont Industrial B-Pad

When working with single piece cast iron cookware on the range top the handles can get hot, when using them in an oven they will get hot. 

Silicon handle covers can burn especially when cooking with gas and leather is limited by temperature.

For this reason we recommend when cooking with cast iron skillets, dutch ovens or any cookware that has heat retention the practice of placing a dry towel or cloth over the handle, this warns anyone and reminds yourself that the cast iron pan is hot. 

We recommend using the Wells Lamont Industrial JOMAC B-Pads. These are a commercial bakers pad that comes with industrial ratings and are made in the USA.

Their construction has two additional layers of JOMAC terry cloth and are rated for temperatures up to 238C (460F). These bakers pads can be used with confidence around any hot cookware and are commonplace in bakeries and food processing.

Their simple design with the hand slots allows you to open and close oven doors and then flick them round for lifting and moving hot cookware. Avoiding the hassles that you get with oven gloves or to small oven pads.  The construction allows for good grip on any hot surface and puts safety first.

For cooking with the UPAN especially if you are making ‘Toad in The Hole’ we recommend using the JOMAC bakers pads. They work well with the UPAN handle design or any cast iron pan and offer a high standard of safety in the kitchen.

  • Rated Temperature 238C (400F)
  • JOMAC terry cloth four layer construction
  • Size 250mm x 280mm  (9 ½” x 11”)
  • Machine washable
  • Made in the USA
  • Industrially rated

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How long does it take to cook the sausages?

The UPAN takes between 9-10 minutes to cook the sausages fully once preheated. Watch our video comparing the different results between the UPAN and a traditional cast iron skillet here  Pan vs UPAN

What is a seasoned cast iron coating and what happens if it gets damaged?

The seasoned finish on the UPAN is 100% flaxseed oil that is been heated to 800c. This bonds it to the cast iron to form a natural non-stick coating free off PFAS (poly-fluoroalkyl substances). For more information about seasoned cast iron cookware and how to repair and maintain the surface follow our blog here link  Cast iron care and maintenance

Do you ship internationally and what are the shipping times ?

We do ship internationally and have seperate websites for Australia and the United Kingdom

Orders are dispatched Monday to Saturday at 7.30 am NZT 

Delivery times

  • North Island 1-2 business days
  • South Island and rural delivery 1-3 business days
  • For international delivery times, please check out our Shipping Policy

Can you use cast iron on an induction hob ?

The UPAN is solid cast iron and works well on induction hobs as well as 

  • Solid electric hobs
  • Radiant ring elements
  • Gas burners
  • Ceramic cooktops
Its single piece cast iron construction means it can also be used
  • In an oven
  • On a bbq
  • Over an open fire

Check out the UPAN being used on a gas element then straight into the oven when making Toad in the Hole

    Are the UPAN packaging and shipping cartons recyclable?

    All our packaging is brown paper based and the shipping cartons are made specifically for the UPAN to minimise waste
    Apart from cooking sausages what else can you use the UPAN for ?
    The design of the UPAN concentrates the heat to a central point, which makes it ideal for cooking bacon and the curved surface will allow you to sear meatballs evenly all the way around. Watch our two videos on cooking Crispy Bacon and Meatballs